TTC Video - Era Of The Crusades
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The Crusades have been hailed as the driving force that brought Western Europe out of the Middle Ages-and condemned as the beginning of European imperialism in the Muslim Near East.
But what really were the Crusades?
What were the forces that led to one of history's most protracted and legendary periods of conflict? How did they affect the three great civilizations that participated in them? And, ultimately, why did they end and what did they accomplish?

01. Heirs of Rome
02. Byzantine Orthodox Civilization
03. Byzantine Zenith in the Macedonian Age
04. Failure of the Heirs of Basil II
05. Abbasid Baghdad and Fatimid Egypt
06 Coming of the Seljuk Turks
07. Recovery of Western Europe
08. Kings and Princes of Western Europe
09. Warfare in Western Europe
10. Papacy and Religious Reform
11. Piety and Pilgrimage
12. Christian Offensives in Spain and Sicily
13. Alexius I and the First Crusade
14. From Clermont to Jerusalem
15. Conquest and Defense of Outremer
16. Frankish Settlement of Outremer
17. Comnenian Emperors and Crusader Princes
18. The Second Crusade
19. The Empire at Bay
20. The Rise of Saladin
21. Byzantine Recovery under the Comnenians
22. A Renaissance of Byzantine Letters and Arts
23. Trade and Currency in the Mediterranean
24. Cultural Exchange in Gothic Europe
25. The Horns of Hattin
26. The Third Crusade
27. From Jerusalem to Constantinople
28. The Sack of Constantinople
29. The World of Frankish Greece
30. Splinter Empires and Orthodox Princes
31. Ayyubid Egypt and Seljuk Anatolia
32. Crusader Cyprus and the Levant
33. Venice and Genoa
34. The Mongols and the Legend of Prester John
35. The Royal Crusaders
36. The Passing of the Crusades